The original three – and still unwashed

So long dear friend

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Farewell to an incredibly sweet and smart kitty. Frankie was as handsome as they come and will be missed.


1998 – 2012

Fast Forward

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It’s suddenly two years later and our baby isn’t a baby anymore. Lazy old Sunny is about the same as ever, though.

My Baby

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Not only has Sunny accepted the baby, it appears that he claims him.

Sunny and Daniel

Sunny and Daniel

Sunny and Daniel

Poor Kitties

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The poor kitties haven’t been getting much attention lately since the baby came along. Once things get into a routine, I’m sure we will have more kitty time again, but at the moment they are feeling neglected. They have figured out that there is someone else living in the house, and they aren’t sure what they think about that.

For all of you that think your kitties love you, here is a great comic strip that shows you what is really going on.

Kitchen Chairs

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If mama and papa are sitting at the kitchen table, Sunny thinks he should, too. He thinks he’s a little person.

Sunny in a kitchen chair

Sunny in a kitchen chair

A team of puddy tats

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Jimmy Johnson sure knows him some cats.
Arlo and Janis for 2/8/2008
Arlo and Janis for 2/8/2008

Sunny Exercises

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Sunny will demonstrate his exercise routine.

First you curl everything up:
Sunny Curl

Then you stretch it all out:
Sunny Stretch

Canned Food

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Here we are again, waiting on our nightly canned food. Nymmie is snacking on dry food, but Sunny and Frankie said they would just wait.

Sunny, Frankie, Nymmie

The old dry food

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Nymmie can eat that old dry food, but Frankie would really rather have some canned food.

Frankie wanting canned food; Nymmie eating dry.

Time to go upstairs

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Per Sunny, it’s time to go upstairs.

Sunny wants upstairs

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