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Bronner Burgess

For those who don’t know it, Rick Burgess (of Rick and Bubba fame) lost his 2-year-old son, William Bronner, this past Saturday.

His commentary at the memorial service is available on the show’s website (direct link here in case it gets moved from the homepage EDIT: bad link; now available on YouTube [parts 1, 2 and 3]), and is well worth a listen through if your particular world schema doesn’t close your mind to straight-up evangelical preaching. It’s a message of hope and strength and peace in the face of brutal sadness and bitter despair, and one that a whole lot of people heard (and are still hearing). Many of them, like Lynn and me, will be motivated by words born of true faith. Others, including those who don’t believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, will be dumbstruck, consternated and possibly offended. But maybe a few will even come to know Him through this tragedy.

Rick is accepting prayers at

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