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Random fluff designed to distract and annoy

I had a pretty good weekend picking out and setting up a new TV with my grandpa Israel. Stressful and frustrating and a long drive… but still good. More on that later, maybe, if you really irritate me… ūüôā

Also, there are a couple of pages I started updating here on the blog. They’re kind of like “stickies” on the main page, but they don’t (as far as I can tell) show up in RSS. You’ll actually have to come look at these if you care to see to see how they progress, and unless I add something really good I probably won’t be posting reminders.

  1. Strange Dreams: this is a rough compilation of my best/weirdest dreams (or the ones I can remember, anyway).
  2. The 2008 list: the second is my pro/con list for calendar year 2008, for future reference.

Sleep good, folks, and have strange dreams. ūüôā

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Bronner Burgess

For those who don’t know it, Rick Burgess (of Rick and Bubba fame) lost his 2-year-old son, William Bronner, this past Saturday.

His commentary at the memorial service is available on the show’s website (direct link here in case it gets moved from the homepage EDIT: bad link; now available on YouTube [parts 1, 2 and¬†3]), and is well worth a listen through if your particular world schema doesn’t close your mind to straight-up evangelical preaching. It’s a message of hope and strength and peace in the face of brutal sadness and bitter despair, and one that a whole lot of people heard (and are still hearing).¬†Many of them, like Lynn and me, will be motivated by words born of true faith. Others, including those who don’t believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, will be dumbstruck, consternated¬†and possibly offended. But maybe a few will even come to know Him through this tragedy.

Rick is accepting prayers at

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I'm sick of it, and I'm not going to take it anymore!

  1. I’m not going to stress about title capitalization anymore. I instinctively know those rules of English grammar that make sense, but I’ve gotten sick of having to look up the rules of proper titling every time I write a post (or use short titles to avoid looking up said rules), so from now on I’m just going to use sentence caps.
  2. I’m absolutely sick and tired of spam, and I’m going to try to find ways to use reCAPTCHA to help avoid some of it. I’m trying out the WordPress plugin for comments here, and then I’m also toying with a home-grown, in-your-face email filter for unknown senders. Of course, common wisdom¬†on the topic says not only will it not work, but it’ll also likely¬†piss off¬†some of my legitimate contacts¬†to boot. Well, whatever. I have to keep them stirred up about me.

Anyway, there’s lots of important stuff to post, but I haven’t felt like messing with it for a couple of weeks. Hopefully will get to that soon…


Yummy Vegan Snacks

My cholesterol-conscious boss, whose wife recently convinced him to go on a completely vegan diet, read somewhere that eating half a raw onion a day could significantly increase HDL levels.

So? Yesterday I caught him nibbling on a big, fat wedge of raw white onion smeared with peanut butter.



The Wages of Sin: $45

I¬†got my more expensive plan at¬†pair Networks cancelled this week, but¬†as I’ve previously complained, it was too late to avoid a whopping fee for being a few hundred megabytes over my disk quota. It really irritated me that a 20% overage over¬†a span of 15 days would cost me 300% of my monthly service price, and I thought about trying to argue it down or shift some blame or refuse to pay the outrageous fine or whatever. But then, when I finally got around to cleaning out my rented FS, I came across a forgotten .rar¬†file (rarchive?) that, had it not been sitting there, would have saved me a big fine.

The culprit? An episode of 24 that I had downloaded and for whatever reason stuck out there on my web host.

$45 is steep for a fine, I guess, but I’m getting off cheap if that’s my only penalty for all the software and media thefts I committed over the years. And it’s a better wage than death.

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Shut Down Again

The good news is that I no longer have to be bothered with the distraction of reading my personal email at work.

No email for me

I especially like the strongly-worded verbiage that makes clear my importance to the company.

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The 2008 List – Installment One

UPDATE: the 2008 list has been broken out into its very own page 

Big Carter (as in, not my son-to-be, but rather the fully-growed’n with whom I’m sometimes known to hang) told me that if I posted some top-10 lists my blawg would get all crazy busy with folks who like things like that, and that I would forever be remembered as a cultural icon and not just the guy¬†who egged a bunch of his school-mates 20 years ago for no apparent reason.

He’s usually wrong about that kind of stuff, though, and I’m not going to listen to him. So instead of spewing my top 10 favorite things about 2007 (most of which I would have probably made up anyway), I’m just going to forget about last year and start a new happy/sad list to weigh this new one. I’ll probably lose interest in it eventually, but my plan right now is to keep adding to it until, next December 31st, I’ll have clear evidence of whether 2008 was really worth the hassle. Why? Cause I’m all about hope and expectation, that’s why. A sad 2008 would make me hopeful for a happy 2009, and that would make me happy.¬†A happy 2008 would make me expect a happy 2009, and that would also make me happy. Not being able to remember much about 2008 would make me sad, though, and I probably won’t be able to remember what I don’t write down.

Happies in 2008:

  • Our good friends Carter and Adeline helped us celebrate New Year’s Eve, and were still there making us laugh for the first hour or so¬†of 2008.
  • My unborn son turned head-down right on schedule, and is still a healthy and active little person. Lynn and I have gained new insights into his behavior, and are more amazed than ever that we’ve been blessed with such a miracle.
  • I didn’t have to¬†look for a job during the¬†slimmest time of the¬†year for choices¬†of technical openings.

Sads in 2008:

  • I was sick on¬†our 12th anniversary and¬†caused us¬†to delay our romantic dinner out. I really hated doing that to Lynn, and it was a much worse feeling than the crappy whateverits running their course through my sickly body.
  • While I was moving my stuff to the cheaper plan of theirs I just signed up for, Pair Networks¬†charged me an outrageous overusage fee for disk space. It was affordable, but¬†getting fined 3 times what I pay in a month for service for my first ever infraction just made me absolutely nutsy.

I guess the happies outweigh the sads by a pretty good margin right now. I’ll just hope that trend lasts!

UPDATE: the 2008 list has been broken out into its very own page 

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