Cocktail on the Big White Bed

My friend Sam, from work, was in Las Vegas with his wife this week, and from what I understand he treated her to a heaping dose of surprising (but delightful) spontaneity while there.

Example: Sam listened to a two-hour spiel about a timeshare at Alan Thicke’s Tahiti Village in order to get cheap tickets to a show with an unpronounceable name and acts ranging from a hula-hooping “schoolgirl” to gay cagefighting. I’m not sure why he chose not to part with the $26 grand, though… that’s a whole week in Vegas he’s going to miss out on every year.

Example: he took his wife to a standing-room-only show (on whether or not it was the gay cagefighting one I didn’t ask clarification) that had, right at the front, a roped-off and unpopulated VIP section containing plush couches and a big white bed. Asking around, he discovered that by merely buying some champagne from the bar they would be admitted to that lotusland for Vegas showgoers. So, purchasing a $500 bottle (plus a beer, just for class), he scored some good seats up front where the waitresses were hot and the only discomfort was from the angry stares of the lesser folk outside the velvet bonds of his luxury nest.

From what I gather, what happens in Vegas happened to Sam. Plus I reckon his wife had a good time too.

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