Government Subsidized Pizza Pie

I spotted a state House of Representatives license plate the other day. It’s not really all than an uncommon sight, actually, since these folks aren’t rolling in the cash like the fools in the “Big House” in Washington. Most of them have to drive themselves around to their various meets and greets and constituency shake-downs, but fortunately for us that means the buy-offs are relatively cheap.

In 2005, the state reps here each had posted salaries of $28,500… which, while not bad for a part-time gig, isn’t enough to maintain the absolute best scandals. So… it’s also not all that shocking to hear about the extracurricular activities many of our legislature keep themselves busy with.

But the car  I saw last week, an old Caddy with the initials “WBB” on its House plate, also had a Pizza Hut delivery sign strapped to its roof. I really wasn’t sure whether to be laughy or pissy about it. Maybe it was a poor wannabe who really likes his pizza when he’s not voting on an anti-pants-down-around-the-knees resolution. Or maybe it was just a case of good old-fashioned abuse of privileges, wherein the state was paying for somebody else to move pies. Either way, I’m really annoyed now that I didn’t have a camera in the car to document the fun. We’ve got an old 1 megapixel CF camera that isn’t being used, and I’m thinking that that should start riding with me everywhere.

Anyway, it’s no Pizzagate, and probably wouldn’t even be blawg’d about anywhere else… it just goes to show that most of the fun stuff happens on the west end of the state, and that it’s just corn-fed mediocrity here in the middle of it. Mostly. We do have some good killings and public nekkedness every once in a while. And next time I see one, I’ll post pictures of it right here.

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