Home, Home… at Texarcana Inn…

It’s really a groovy place. All the roaches and muggers think so, anyway… and a billion underbelly lifeforms can’t be wrong.

Just kidding… it’s not so bad. And we made it all the way to Texas on the first evening! Like, just barely… like one mile in… but still. I’m very pleased with that last little push. I kept feeling like we were being pursued all through Little Rock by Mr. Pentecostal Beerbreath… the mugger/killer that approached us while we snuggled in the car at a gas station. So here we is.

Perry’s been sort of a buttnut (as per the usual), but nothing I couldn’t handle with a well-timed German swear word and accompanying open-handed love smack.

Very interesting, how those transcriptions are turning out! Some of them are pretty close to what was actually intended!

Night. We have free breakfast until 9am, so I guess we’ll be up before then… and playing it by ear later… :D

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