Meh and Misc.

I’ve been all sickly since Thanksgiving, and have mostly been in relaxation mode since then:

  1. Watching my grandfather watch game after football game in high def.
  2. Finishing up The Shiva Option by David Weber and Steve White.
  3. Burning copies of an interview with my grandpa about his POW experiences.
  4. Sending invitations to the next Simmons Eat-n-Greet about a week late. 
  5. Playing Dawn of War and getting all pissy with the Eldar.
  6. Eating lots of leftovers.
  7. Trying to stay warm (which is an uncharacteristic need for me).
  8. Cleaning up Trapper’s desktop, and finding random stuff like this endorsement of me.
  9. Getting excited about getting back to work on Project One.
  10. Napping. A lot.
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