No Cash for the Devil!

I’ve completely lost interest (interest here being my forced servitude in the past) in paying AT&T for any service whatsoever.

That means no Cingular-cum-AT&T for cell service, no BellSouth-cum-AT&T for local phone service or [sadly] DSL, and no evil-AT&T-cum-eviler-AT&T for long distance!

About a week ago I got a $25 bill out of the blue from AT&T. What for? For long distance service I never authorized, and of which I was never notified prior to the $25 pocketbook-grab I got in the mail.

So I switched to Vonage.

Or I’m in the process of.

It’s been 12 days, and apparently my number change request fell through the cracks somewhere.

I got another notice from AT&T today that said in ALL CAPS (really) that if I didn’t call my local service provider and tell them I wished to have no long distance service at all, then they would resume billing me (again, against my wishes). Of course, doing that would likely screw up my Vonage transfer, as long distance is one of the 4 components of phone service they’re transferring.

I’m so glad for government regulations. They’ve really made the world a wonderful, happy, butterfly-and-lollipop-infested place.


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