Random fluff designed to distract and annoy

I had a pretty good weekend picking out and setting up a new TV with my grandpa Israel. Stressful and frustrating and a long drive… but still good. More on that later, maybe, if you really irritate me… 🙂

Also, there are a couple of pages I started updating here on the blog. They’re kind of like “stickies” on the main page, but they don’t (as far as I can tell) show up in RSS. You’ll actually have to come look at these if you care to see to see how they progress, and unless I add something really good I probably won’t be posting reminders.

  1. Strange Dreams: this is a rough compilation of my best/weirdest dreams (or the ones I can remember, anyway).
  2. The 2008 list: the second is my pro/con list for calendar year 2008, for future reference.

Sleep good, folks, and have strange dreams. 🙂

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