Smooth / Not Smooth

  1. I lost my TiVo remote this morning. Not smooth.┬áIfound it wrapped up in the bedsheets I threw into the laundry earlier. Good thing it didn’t get washed, because whatever would I have done then?
  2. The transition to GMail is done. Smooth. Apple cider diarrhea smooth. There were some issues with it not correctly filing some of my sent mail, but overall I’m very pleased. Now if Google would add a “download as archive/mbox/whatever” option, I wouldn’t be so paranoid about leaving all my junk dangling out there. Maybe it’s time to download more than just headers…

Update: See the first comment on this post for a method of backing up Google mail. That definitely looks like something worth setting up. Also, I was able to move around all my mis-filed sent mail with Thunderbird. Thank gootness GMail exposes their special folders (archive, spam, sent) through IMAP – that’s mui handy. Also, each label shows up as its own virtual IMAP folder, with multi-tagged messages properly duplicated across folders. That’s two extra thumbs up from me. :cool:

  1. #1 by Daniel Newman on July 15, 2008 - 5:23 am

  2. #2 by Eugene on July 15, 2008 - 5:37 pm

    Now that’s smoother than the butt grease we slick up the boy with every night.

    Thanks, Mr. Newman, whoever you are.

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