The Wages of Sin: $45

I got my more expensive plan at pair Networks cancelled this week, but as I’ve previously complained, it was too late to avoid a whopping fee for being a few hundred megabytes over my disk quota. It really irritated me that a 20% overage over a span of 15 days would cost me 300% of my monthly service price, and I thought about trying to argue it down or shift some blame or refuse to pay the outrageous fine or whatever. But then, when I finally got around to cleaning out my rented FS, I came across a forgotten .rar file (rarchive?) that, had it not been sitting there, would have saved me a big fine.

The culprit? An episode of 24 that I had downloaded and for whatever reason stuck out there on my web host.

$45 is steep for a fine, I guess, but I’m getting off cheap if that’s my only penalty for all the software and media thefts I committed over the years. And it’s a better wage than death.

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