Happy Little Piglet

Lynn played housewife today, for the second Wednesday in a row, and it was awesome! She went shopping at the members’ warehouse dealy and bought about 350 pounds of meat, plus more of those lens wipes that I’m always leaving everywhere I go like some kind of blind man’s breadcrumbs, plus she did about a zillion things around the house and whatnot that she’s been wanting to get after, PLUS I came home for lunch and had a homecooked dinner of fried chicken nuggets (these were no premade chunkies, either), squash and field peas with bacon, PLUS I came home from work again at the end of the day and had beer-battered fish and onion rings and hush puppies and okra. Today put me over my weekly limit for fried food, but I can most certainly get used to this when she starts being home an extra two days a week. Not that I would expect to be able to waltz on home from work for homecooked lunches twice a week, but I shan’t complain when the opportunity presents itself.

I’m lucky because she’s the best cook I know (who is actually a real person and not a chef). A lot of guys’ wives do well to get a plate of microwaved mac’n’cheese on the table, but not my Lynn. I may have gained about 600 pounds since we got married, and I may die when I’m 40, but I certainly can’t think of a better way to go.

They say there are lots and lots of things in this world that can kill you, and that the trick is having the fortitude and know-how to stay away from the deadlies. Well, I say something’s going to catch you anyway, so the real trick is embracing the deadlies that you most enjoy!

So… salut to you all, and a good night! :)

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